The Committees

School Services Lena Kohshrof

The School Services Committee aims to aid teachers and administrators with their afterschool work and most important school events at Brooklyn Tech.

Fundraising William Yu

The Fundraising Committee will work to raise money, not only for our home club and district, but for
various charities as well. The Commitee also works closely with the Advocacy Committee to raise

Scrapbook Wendy Wu

The scrapbook committee is responsible for organizing and creating a scrapbook to note the achievements and service of Brooklyn Tech Key Club, which will be judged at the annual New York District Leadership Training Conference.

Visual Media Linda Wang

The visual media committee captures a range of various things which may include: contributing to thenewsletter, keeping Instagram active as a social media platform), and possibly making a year-in-review
video for a Leadership Training Conference contest.

Advocacy Jin Hao Qiu

The Advocacy Committee works to bring awareness to various causes, campaigns, and fundraisers.

Events Carter Le

The Events Committee is dedicated to finding new and exciting events for our members to volunteer at. The Committee compiles events and encourages member to engage in them.