BTHS Key Club – Division 9

Caring - our way of life


We participate in various events throughout the year, such as AIDS Walk, volunteer at cultural events and work to improve the environment of the city.
Together we build better communities.


With the aid of our partners and the Fundraising committee, we organize various fundraisers throughout the year.


Members are given the opportunity to develop initiative and leadership skills by overseeing events. These skills not only develop future leaders, but individuals with strong character.


Throughout the year, we undertake projects to bring awareness and change to various problems.


1 In order to become an official member, each year every member must pay their dues.

$ 7.00 for Key Club International
$ 6.00 for New York District Key Club
$ 1.00 for Brooklyn Tech Key Club

Total Dues = $14.00
Collected in the beginning of the school year

2 Dues are used to pay for membership items such as booklets, cards and pins. Dues are used to improve the experience of members, since they pay for Key Club’s annual events such as the district/international conferences!

3 Besides joining an awesome community, a Key Club membership has other perks!
With a membership you will be able to:

  • Run for higher positions
  • Vote in our elections
  • Attend conventions
  • Attend volunteer events
  • Access scholarships